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My character, Astina. She is from a comic project I am working on. 

I have to be honest, I love drawing anthropomorphic characters. They are a lot of fun for me because of the extra expression in their tails, ears, and faces. As a comic artist it is just an extra tool to help tell a fun story and show off who the character is. 

I’ve gotten a lot of rude comments from even friends, family members, and comic industry professionals that I shouldn’t draw anthros anymore. It had nothing to do with me, but their own close minded world view that didn’t go beyond their own schadenfreude. On the other had, I found no kinship in fandoms.

I gave up drawing what I enjoyed for a long time because I thought I should just “grow up”. It was a bad choice because I basically killed my muse. For what? For other people to like me? To get jobs in the comic industry again? What a joke. Never let being traditionally published be a huge part of your self worth.  

I don’t care about either side anymore. “Growing up” isn’t abandoning the things you love to fit in, but not caring what other people think of you.

All I care about is telling my stories and sharing them with the world, even if a few of those stories have dog girls in them.

I took this photo of my Cintiq screen. XD I am making a six page story in collaboration with Robby Becard for his comic Action Time Buddies. It is full of mass cuteness. It has been a lot of fun working with one of my best friends on a little story again.

For those of you who read the webcomic, there will be a new character in this story as well!

We are hoping to get enough pre ordered of issue #2 that it can be in print. You can pre order it at any comic store, but here is a link to an online website, too!

I will be giving away FREE copies of issue #1 at Everfree NW in Seattle. It doesn’t have my art in it but it is made by two of my favorite people.

Missing in action


Now, over one and a half million of you have already watched this in the three days it’s been live so this post stands more for recollections sake then anything.

‘I Appear Missing’ is the first music video from Queen of the Stone Age’s 2013 album ..Like Clockwork.

All artwork from the brain and tired hands of Boneface, and me here teaching them dance steps so they move correctly.

I hope you enjoy!

I love this song and this animation so much! I’ve been watching it on repeat since Queens of the Stone Age posted it.

Naiya showed up at the Serrated Blade Tavern for her “hot date” with Rytlock Brimstone. She was donning her finest Lion’s Arch fashion that the other bar patrons didn’t seem to appreciate. After a bottle of Black Citadel brandy and two hours later, she realized that she had been stood up.

She stormed up to his office and demanded to know why he never showed up. “You look like a moa’s ass, get out of my sight!” he shouted.

Naiya cried, convincing herself that she was embarressed that she ever fell for a male with horrible taste in rugs.


(I’m not apologizing for the fact that my GW2 posts are probably going to get stupider and stupider from now on.)

Naiya Thistletail’s main adventure today consisted of infiltrating Blood Legion while dressed as a man. Unfortunately she didn’t do a good job of leaving Spoony, her backpack, behind. (It’s actually a bug. It disappears after fighting the first Blood Legion officer!)

After that she just sat and stared at windmills in Queensdale as she confused the locals. Spoony not present in this picture. :c

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